Ireland | April 2019

I’ve been day dreaming of Ashford Castle since the day I started planning my trip to Ireland

It completely exceeded my expectations. Wellington’s and warm raincoats just in case you need.

Patty has worked at Ashford Castle since he was 22 years old. He wanted to make sure I knew he had waited on Ronald Reagan. I can’t lie, I felt guilty when he came to get my bags. The halls are long and they’re two sets of stairs before the elevator. He didn’t seamed to be bothered in the least.

Every room is unique, the antiques and art work are hand selected and impeccably curated. Orchids adorn every room in the castle.

There are more stairwells , chandeliers, and beautiful art work then I could even begin to share with you

Endlessly weaving through long hallways and down stairwells will lead you to the wine cellar. This is one of the oldest parts of the castle and was a true labor of love to make it what it is now. In the 1600’s this is where the staff would of come and gone. They would of never even seen the rooms above.

Of course there’s a billiards room, but if you weren’t curious you would never find it. It’s on the second or maybe third floor down a long hallway and behind closed doors. I was looking for it, and I still almost missed it.

As we all know it can be cold and rainy in Ireland, it would only make sense to have a theater . There’s a matinee and evening show daily. Complete with Popcorn and house made licorice.

This is the boat house. If privacy is your concern and money is not this is for you. A helicopter delivers you to the castle, and all meals can be served in the cabins. The private dock allows for fishing or a sunset tour of the lake.

It doesn’t matter what room you walk in, the attention to detail, design and elegance is captivating. Every space I entered made me want to extend just one more day. I truly wanted an entire day in this pool room

Staying at the Ashford Castle was truly the highlight of my trip. It feels like you’re living in a museum. The elegance and history is extraordinary but the comfort and the kindness of the people working there was the highlight. They have guests that have come for decades, and they have bucket listers like me. I have no doubt if I return next year I would be remembered and the wait staff would have their eagle eyes out to make sure I didn’t accidentally get anything from the buffet with gluten. There is so much more to share about The Ashford Castle I’ll be doing a second story simply featuring the activities. Yep - there’s that much to do.

Good night from Ashford Castle

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