Ashford Castle. Ireland April 2019

This is the second chapter on Ashford Castle. I couldn’t skimp on all my favorite pics so I’m creating a separate story just for the activities.

Paddle board, kayak, or fish from the lake.

The list of activities available at Ashford Castle goes on and on, but I am going to be biased and have a favorite. The Falcon Center.

“He can hear the heart beet of a mouse under the snow from the top of a tree.

Dingle is an Eurasian Eagle Owl.

Millie is 11 years old.

Marla is getting ready for her first Halk Walk. I didn’t know Hawk Walks were a thing. I do now, and I’m a Hawk walker.

Millie is so captivating, I have any no memory of her being heavy or my arm being tired. She’s eating a little raw chicken.

It’s just a little unnerving as she comes in for her approach.

Stables with several different riding options.

Of course there’s tree climbing .....

Climbing trees with ropes, built in hand holds and a helmet works out pretty good.

Looking down. I only went a little over half way.

There are several cruises around the lake everyday.

Fly fishing in the river surrounding the Castle. Does that make it a moat ?

Forest bathing, I think that’s a thing now.

Taking the Irish Wolf hounds and their pals for a walk is a great morning tradition at the castle.

Meet Jack, Douglas, Garvin & Cronin.

Ashford Castle

As you can see there is no shortage of activities at Ashford Castle. I didn’t even mention golf, archery, shooting, the gym, the spa, movie theater, library and game room. The beauty of the castle, the incredible staff, breathtaking grounds and more than you can possible fit in in 3 days makes the Ashford Caste a pretty big hit in my book.


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