While in Dublin, you can learn all about Guinness' rich history. We walked through each floor where we learnt what goes into making a perfect pint of Guinness.


Follow the arrow (or the map) to start the journey. I’m going to show you how cool the inside is!

The storehouse is split into 5 floors. We were amazed at how fun it was. To be honest we were expecting it to be boring, but it’s so fun and engaging.

Then things started to get all neon, and this was my favorite floor!

On one of the floors it even had a tasting room!

Oh and a whistling clam...

There’s so kind of mirrored light wall in here too. We took way too many photos and videos here!

There’s even places for a little bit of tasting... Guinness isn’t just for drinking!

Once you’ve finished walking around, head up to the top floor for some views across Dublin... you may as well have another pint as well!

So if you’re in Dublin, spend some time in the Guinness storehouse... you can learn whilst you drink... so basically it’s guilt-free drinking!


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