PART II: Arrived at Last!




Get off in the wrong town (Dun Laoghaire)

Train back to Dublin. Express grab and go snack and back on the train to Howth...


Finally arrive in Howth!

Ferry from Dublin to Howth

Finally we arrived... and first call was some lunch! Rachel’s mood was dropping and I know she needed a food top-up. We’d heard of this place called Beshoff Bros, that sold the best Fish & Chips!

After the fish & chips and the coffee we took a walk. There’s 4 walks you can go on around Howth, all coastal. We decided to go on the shorter walk to the lighthouse. We kind of made our own course as we turned back once getting to the lighthouse.

By the way, we didn’t explore the actual town of Howth too much but would love to revisit. It looks like a great place for an evening meal sat looking at the boats.

First the walk takes you through the back-lanes of Howth up to the start. From here you get great views of what these people in the houses must see every day!

Once you pass the map and pick your route you’re off on a pretty amazing, scenic walk! This cliff-side walk was just what we needed after a couple of hectic days in the city!

Through twists and turns of the cliff we thought we’d never actually get to the lighthouse, but we persevered. Also can you tell I normally sit at a laptop and that outdoor adventure isn’t normally my forte!

But then finally we saw it! It was so bright out that we didn’t get the best photos, but you can tell it was a lighthouse!

By this time we were hungry again, but before we went back we found a little path down by the side of the lighthouse to an empty cove. The rest of the walk there were loads of people, but everyone just over-looked this amazing cove. See my ‘Howth Secret Cove’ story for more!

So apart from how difficult we made an easy journey to Howth, we loved it! It was by far my favorite day of the trip. Sometimes it’s what goes wrong that makes the story too! So if you’re travelling to Dublin I couldn’t recommend a visit to Howth any more!


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