Slieve League Cliffs

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Though not as popular as the Cliffs of Moher, Slieve League Cliffs are the highest in Ireland and among the highest in Europe. The view from the top (on a sunny day) is stunning.

There are three phalllic-shaped sculptures that align the steep path to the Cliffs. Artist unknown.


The Giant’s Table and Chair

To climb even higher than the viewing platform you can take these stone steps. It is a steep and slippery walk. On this day the fog was too low to offer a decent view.

A snack truck is available for drinks and munchies. A vendor selling magnets can be found on the viewing platform. The toilets are by the car park below.

A Napoleonic signal tower looms over the cliffs. These structures were used to warn of French invasion.

Note: I learned after-the-fact that you can drive to the viewing platform. Just close the gate behind you. Be careful. The road is narrow and there are no barriers.

Slieve League Cliffs is hard to find. Follow this sign and not the instructions of your GPS. I spent 30 minutes trying to find the entrance to the Cliffs before I followed the signage. #DigitalIreland #TourismIreland #DigitalDayinIreland #wildatlanticway #loveireland #thewildatlanticway #worldfootprints #traveljournal #discoverireland

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