Part I: The Boat Journey from Hell

Get in a boat they say. It’s going to be fun they say... So we wanted to head out to Howth after hearing how beautiful it was, plus we struck lucky with such a good days weather. We got recommended the ‘ferry’.

Essentially, that recommendation turned my world upside down. Ferry? A ferry is a big boat that cars go on. When I got to the port it was this little dinky boat. But it’s sunny, right? Waters are calm, right? How horrible could it be...

Very horrible... but Rachel doesn’t seem to mind... which annoyed me more!

But for a second I’ll go back to the start. There’s a radio that gives out facts along the way, facts about the harbour.

So as I was saying, boat from hell. It started off pretty chill. When we got further out, outside the harbour I started to feel a bit sick. It started to rock a bit too much... and I’ve seen Titanic, we all know how that ended.

She sat here like a psycho whilst I ran upstairs to try find higher ground.


Whilst I was on the boat Rach snapped our journey. Somehow she’s made it look pretty calm, but have trust. It was hell.

LAND... LAND! I’ve never been so happy to see stone. The waters started to calm down again and I couldn’t wait to get off... but wait... this doesn’t look like Howth...

So I got off the boat, first one off obviously. I literally ran off. Small note. I realised we shouldn’t have gotten off, it was a round trip so you went to a place called Dun Laoghaire. Click the map in the top left for perspective. We started in Dublin, it’s stops and then sets off back to Howth. I didn’t care, I was straight off that boat. I wouldn’t have cared if I ended up in another country, I was getting straight off that boat.

This is how Rach felt when she realised we had to get the train back to Dublin, and then to Howth because I was being stubborn...

btw... this isn’t Rachel

So what’s the moral of the story?

Never get on a ‘ferry’

Find out if we make it to Howth in Part II.

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  • coppernotes

    Literally one of my favourite stories! Even though there is only one emoji that fits... 🤢

  • simone_wit

    LOL at every page! 😂😂😂 Great sense of humor! And tge page with the old ‘Rachel’ really got me! Love this story!


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