Just a couple of honeymooners

Kicking things off with a night in Dublin

And a coffee, or three before we hit the road


Galway -> Limerick And some detours along the way

Constant question: Do we stop and take a picture of this castle too? General answer: yes.

When you spot a wave from the road, and your wife finds a way down to it.

The upside to not having a board on our was a lot warmer mind-surfing this wave.

Off to greener pastures

Pretty sure this guy produces sweaters for the entire town.

Obligatory couples photo before hitting the road again.


My moms parents grew up here, experiencing their hometown was incredible.

And got to see the neighborhood and house they grew up in

We met my grandma’s sister Maura, the last one of the family still living in Limerick

Castles, so many castles.

Back to Dublin

Where we spent the next day wandering about.

I decided to only bring film cameras (and my phone) so more from this day later...

But one last castle before we go. Next stop, Capri.

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  • kerrieturcic

    How cool that you got to see where your grandparents grew up!


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