I’ve known Edinburgh all my life. We moved to live just outside the city when I was 3, and throughout my childhood we’d visit at weekends. Somewhere during those early years this city got into my blood. I didn’t want to leave.

I studied here, spending four years at art college, and that was a different experience of the city. An independent experience. Walking through the Grassmarket. Hours of research in the Central Library. Walking down The Mound at night to catch a bus home from the stop by the Scott Monument.

And then work took me away and brought me back a few years later. I wasn’t expecting that. I’d planned to move away and start something different. I was working in fashion and fashion was somewhere else. But that career wasn’t for me.

So I came back and lived in a flat share in the New Town. Georgian elegance outside, tired decor inside, but at that stage in my life I didn’t really care about the eighties kitchen or twee wallpapers. Life was about work, not interiors.

I also formed great friendships through that flat that have stayed with me all the years since. And then, after ten years -about five years longer than I’d ever planned to stay! - I moved into another flat, with this view.

We left Edinburgh last summer. Part of me was ready to go, to start a new phase; the other part didn’t want to. It was a pragmatic decision. We needed a garden, some outdoor space for the lads. And I found that hard. This city is home. The views are home. The cafés and the cobbled streets and the parks. The familiar. But life moves on, right?

So this is part one of Edinburgh, with photos I’ve taken over the last few years, but with a new edit in black and white. Look out for part two.

shot on iPhone


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  • finknottle

    I remember some of the shots through the years... It is really a wonderful city I think, but, who can resist those two little guys and now they have their own garden!!

  • coppernotes

    💯 @finknottle I found it so hard to move but now I couldn’t go back! (Well, I could if I suddenly won the lottery and could get a house with a garden but, given that this isn’t happening... 😅) It’s taken me until recently, so at least ten months, to settle here. And I’m still surprised by how much moving has changed things. I want to do different things - different work, just different!

  • coppernotes

    Thank you so much @Steller 🙌🏻 Great to see this one shared ✨

  • mombo


  • mombo

    Looking forward to part 2

  • coppernotes

    Thank you @mombo 🙌🏻 Part two is already in existence! (I created both on the beta and they’re both here now ✨) Was so good revisiting these images in b+w - really want to do more now!


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