After 5 years of renovation, since May 2019 reopened

Gruuthuse Museum Bruges, Belgium

Louis de Bruges, Lord of Gruuthuse, Prince of Steenhuijs, was awarded the title of Earl of Winchester by king Edward IV of England in 1472, He made his fortune selling “gruut”, an ingrediënt for beer.

In 1450, Louis de Bruges was amongst the richest on the planet. He bought a house close to the cathedral.

The house was ment to look as mediëval as possible

These floors make so much noise that they probably scared of burglers.

#accoustics noise with wooden floors

This is how an authetic real antique woodfloor looks like. Where to buy these?

After plenty of expansions and massif gifts to the church, Louis was allowed to build a connection from his house to the cathedral.

The works at the prayers chapel and its Oak plank floor, are considered the masterpiece of the renovation

The door on the right gains access to the church. At first, there was plenty of rules, but after ginving some flemmish tapestry, Lois was free to use the keys as per his preference.

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