Feat. Squishy The Turtle

MAY 27, 2019

Forest Park, New York

The sky had been full of rainclouds all week so when the weather forecast displayed sunny 70’s all day today, I knew we had to go out in the forest for a hike.

Here are a few tips Squishy wants YOU to keep in mind for your next hiking adventure!

Hiking Tip #1

“Make sure you BRING a trusty pair of shoes. Your claws will thank you”

“Pack your bag with all the essentials. Water, Shrimp, fish...”

Hiking Tip #2

Hiking Tip #3

“Bring coffee! Because IT’S A GREAt IDEA. YOU’RE WELCOME.”

“Take Instagram worthy pictures before you leave. IT DIDN’T HAPPEN UNTIL YOU GET PHOTOS OF IT.”

Hiking Tip #4:

That’s all folks! Thank you for reading our short story. Squishy wants you to have a wonderful rest of your day!

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