April meant longer days, and having waited all winter to get our evening walks back, we made the most of them. These first photos are from walks at John Muir Country Park on a grey and misty weekend when it was damp underpaw and the air was heavy with sniffs.

There were sunny days too. Days when it was so warm we had to stay in the shade of the woods. Or head to the beach. But after a long winter, it feels so good to have warmth on your fur, right?

There’s something you should know about Bracken. Bracken loves sand, and he loves digging. When it’s warm, he’ll find a pool of water on the beach and he’ll dig his head into the wet sand, wallowing in the cool texture. And then? Well, then he’s happy. It might not look it, but this is a happy Bracken.

thanks for reading - Harris

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