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Sometimes you forget how much you’ve packed into a month until you scroll back. As winter drew to a close and spring started to awake, March was about getting outside, with the wind and sometimes sunshine and sometimes even sand blowing in our faces.


Usually on these monthly stories, I share a selection of different places, but with this story I wanted to share photos from our March walks at our favourite place to escape to at the weekend:

John Muir Country Park

My friend Lisa (@lisa_and_bobby) started a # on Instagram to record details from walks - called #detailsfrommywalks. I’ve been enjoying this and photographing lots of details!

Layers of sand.

The striations in the sand may look beautiful with these rich tones, but this is an example of the erosion being experienced along this stretch of coastline. Here, storms are washing away the shoreline, sweeping away vegetation and even trees in the process in a constant push of sea against land.

You’ll find these WW2 sea defences on along the East Lothian coastline, some edging the shore, some set slightly back, as here. I’m fascinated by them - by their scale, and the effort it must have taken to get them here. Now, these concrete blocks stand as reminders of our history.

Every time I walk here, it feels like I can exhale again.

March 2019


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