The Ultimate Irish Day

Wild Atlantic Way

Part 1

Ireland Awaken

Treated like a king 🤴 — I am really understanding how incredible the Irish hospitality is!

It Begins

I woke up in a castle and I was ready to start my grand adventure!

Part 2

Part 3

Omey Island

My first stop for the day was to Omey Island — An island that you can walk to during low tides.

Part 4

Run Fast

I raced across the beach to beat the tides and when I arrived to Omey I discovered something eery and strange.

Part 5

Grave Yard

What a place to be buried with a view to DIE FOR!

Part 6

Killary Fjord

With cliffs dropping into the sea this is one location you don’t want to miss!

Part 7

The Discovery

Crawling through bushes - you can find treasures not easy to see, but I wasn’t expecting this find!

Part 8

The Mud Pit

Tough Mudder anyone? How could I resist...well I didn’t!

Part 9

After Thought

Yep that was dumb but I got a small thrill out of it. Next stop climbing up Maummurk Mountains!

Part 11

The Climb

I see a mountain and I go! There’s something so majestic about scaling up nature. Ireland’s mountains are gorgeous!

Part 12

Chasing Waterfalls

One of my favorite joys in the life are waterfalls. When I saw an Irish fall I danced with joy!

Part 13

Fuel Up

Working out can build up an appetite! I was ready for some good Irish home cooking.

Part 14


Food is the best way to the heart and this food made me warm. I was ready for sleep after this incredible day!

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