essential experiences for the fan visiting Ireland

G a m e o f T h r o n e s


Belfast, Northern Ireland is where the HBO show Game of Thrones main studio (Paint Hall) and production are headquartered. It is also where many scenes are filmed and where many extras and staff members live. Ireland is therefore one of the best places on the planet to indulge in visiting as a fan of the show. These are the 7 essential experiences you should seek to have as a #gameofthrones fan visiting Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Visit Castle Ward aka Winterfell & dress up in official Game of Thrones-licensed costumes.


BONUS: meet the GoT direwolves, learn archery in the same spot Bran did before being paralyzed, try your hand at ax throwing and sword-fighting, walk through the arch that King Robert entered Winterfell by in the very first episode of the show and even fight a White Walker! Staff also have been extras on the show and will have great stories to tell from BTS.

Meet Ross of Boyne Boats, in the....


....scenic Boyne Valley. He’ll take you on a ride in a boat which is like the ones he has provided to the show from Seasons 2-7 that ferried Theon, Gendry, Jorah, Tyrion & Yara. As an actor on the show, he also provides stories from BTS that further enrich the experience.


Try your hand at taking photos of the Dark Hedges AKA The King’s Road which is best done with a zoom lens. Arrive very early for the best chance at photos with fewer people in the way.

Take a helicopter ride over GoT filming locations with Cutting Edge which departs from Bushmills Inn.


At the Game of Thrones Exhibition in Belfast, next to Paint Hall - through Sep 2019 - sit on the Iron Throne, see costumes & props from the show and meet the handsome extras who crew the exhibit - known on Instagram as The Wolf and the Crows.


View the hand-stitched Game of Thrones tapestry at Ulster Museum.


Find the carved wooden doors and the stained glass windows spread out around Ireland that were created to showcase themes & scenes from Game of Thrones.


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AND while you’re in Belfast, keep an eye out for sets from the show that “hide” in plain sight, like this one which is King’s Landing from S08E05!!

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