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How to spend An afternoon in Killkenny

At 12:01 am April 28 2019, 28 influencers were dispatched to compass points throughout Ireland and tasked with telling stories with a 24 hour deadline ending at 11:59pm. The project was entitled "A Digital Day in the Life of Ireland”. My assignment was Killkenny. #digitalireland

Walk the Medieval mile!

Once the medieval capital of Ireland, the city has a rich medieval heritage visible though its narrow streetscapes; its historical buildings and landmarks. Download the map here:

We booked a tour with Pat Tynan who walked the medieval mile with us and showed us the must see gems of Kilkenny.

We visited Butter Slip - My favourite lane in Ireland

Must stop

Walked to a medieval castle

Few buildings in Ireland can boast a longer history of continuous occupation than Kilkenny Castle. Founded soon after the Norman conquest of Ireland, the Castle has been rebuilt, extended and adapted to suit changing circumstances and uses over a period of 800 years.

Smithwick’s Brewery

Taste the oldest ale in Ireland The origins of Smithwick's Brewery date all the way back to 1231, when a few thirsty monks discovered ale when trying to purify water. Fast forward through 300 turbulent years of penal laws, world wars and poverty, and the brewery fell into the hands of the Smithwick family. The rest is, as they say, history, and this pale ale was being shipped worldwide by the 1800s

Medieval Mile Museum

The Medieval Mile Museum represents an immense treasure trove of artefacts encompassing the work and lives of Ireland and its people across more than 800 years of history. Visitors to the museum will marvel not only at some of Ireland’s finest examples of medieval sculpture, but also the country’s largest collection of Renaissance tombs.

Rothe House and Gardens

‘A magnificent 17th century Irish merchant's townhouse & restored medieval garden in the centre of Kilkenny city, open as a museum, garden, genealogy centre, book and gift shop.’

Enjoy live traditional live music in a pub!

We had to go inside for pint and some Irish banter!

One of my favourite photos from our digital day showing locals enjoying their Sunday inside a pub in Kilkenny.

For more information on how to book a tour of Kilkenny with Pat visit:

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