Have you ever experienced Hurling?

The National sport of Ireland

Hurling is the national sports of Ireland. Widely considered to be the fastest game on grass, the game consists of two teams of 15 trying to drive a ball down the field with a stick in order to score against each other. Without a doubt, it is one the most skillful sports played today. When first experiencing a hurling match (either watching or playing), you'll notice that the components of other sports such as baseball, field hockey, rugby, and soccer are realized in the game.

What is Hurling?

A good hurler uses many skills that require agility, bravery, fitness, hand-eye coordination, strength, and teamwork.

When you are in Ireland you have to try the Hurling experience in Malzard’s Pub in Stoneyford. I was pleasantly surprised on how much fun the whole experience was! It wasn’t just learning how to play hurling but also so much more...

Pull a pint: join local pint pulling experts and learn how to pull the perfect Irish pint.

Enjoy the live band with the freshly poured pint of local beer!

Song and dance: learn how to play some traditional Irish instruments, join in and sing along with local musicians. Forget all worries and dance to your heart’s content!!

Or hear a story - Not only is Jim Maher a Kilkenny native, but he is also a genius, master storyteller in the ancient tradition of Irish storytelling that combines humour, drama and suspense with such a perfectly timed delivery where guests are left hanging on the edge of their seats as they await the story’s climatic punchline.

Now I want to try that!

These kids are future hurling professionals! You heard it here first!!

For more information on how to book this experience visit: https://www.malzards.com/hurling-experience #loveireland #digitalireland

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