Irish Castle Hopping


One day, 3 Castles.

Castle #1

Donegal Castle

Donegal Castle sits in the heart of the city center and dates back to the 15th century. It’s history combined with central location (close to great Donegal pubs!) make it a nice afternoon visit. Though I strolled through the castle solo, there are guided tours too.

Lough Eske

Castle #2

Lough Eske is a beautiful castle set on 43 acres of forest. It’s also a 5-Star hotel (so your dream of sleeping in a castle can come true!). Even if you don’t stay the night, it’s worth just stopping by to walk the grounds.

Castle #3

Doe Castle

Many castles have an interesting history and the 15th century Doe Castle is no different. It’s estimated that it stayed in the hands of the McSweeney family for over 200 years! It’s not a grand structure, but being surrounded by water on three sides helps to make it one of the most beautiful.

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These three castles in Donegal County are close enough to each other to visit in a one day trip (that’s what I did!). And it will be one heck of a memorable day.

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  • richardbangs

    wow....I wonder how many castles there are in Ireland?


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