April 28th, 2019

A day in the life

On Sunday April 28th I participated in a Digital Day in the life of Ireland. There were over 25 Steller Story Tellers on the island giving you a glimpse of life in the land of the leprechauns. Check out #digitalireland to see what we saw. All images have been taken in the same 24 hour period somewhere in Ireland.

I started my morning at Parknasilla and was excited to walk down to the coastline. No wind, and no rain this morning so I was feeling pretty 🍀

The colors and the feel immediately reminded me of the Pacific Northwest. Cool, grey, green, humid and mossy.

Of course the coastline was beautiful, but I have to confess it’s the rocks that really got my attention.

I am always surprised and a bewildered when I come across flowers growing right out of the rocks. It’s spring in Ireland.

One of the things I love about Ireland is the sense of timeless ness. Checkout my next story to meet Tim, a third generation sheep farmer.

I found that everyone is Ireland preferred if we booked direct. Here’s the link for Parknasilla Resort and Spa

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