Stories...we all love them! They bond us, inspire us, and they hold special memories that last a lifetime. Never is this more true than when you travel. The open roads, the places you stay, and the experiences you shareβ€”it all comes together for a story that’s unique to you.

Steller has always been here to make your stories special with designs and tools to help you tell your unique story. Today, we take the first steps in making your stories even better...

This new Steller update brings you:

Brand-new themes 10 New fonts Additional text tools and colors Add maps to your story Share to Instagram stories!

So, whether you...

Experience something new with friends or go on a solo-adventure...

Stay somewhere you want to recommend...

Or had the best food you’ve ever eaten...

Steller is here to help you tell your story the way it deserves to be told!

Download the new Steller on the App Store & Google Play today!


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  • jordanfoy

    So excited to see the awesome stories you will all create with these new features! 🀟🏻

  • wxyz

    so excited pleased joy fun

  • simone_wit

    @jordanfoy @steller Love the new designs and features. Will make a story asap! Congrats!

  • katrinardiyani

    I still dont see the update version in Android

  • rafabarbosa’s great πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

  • jordanfoy

    @rafabarbosa That’s great to here Rafa!

  • jordanfoy

    @simone_wit πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸ€ŸπŸ»πŸ€ŸπŸ»

  • havwoods

    jordan, you are taking control. Like it. trying it upon my wifes Android first. Android is stubborn but it works. it is like The Flinstones

  • havwoods

    Tried it but not yet the New Steller in Belgium

  • havwoods4

    Big update this is. Once updated, there is no more way back. Serious stuff. Also all your other devises update automatically. New Steller is more like former Steller on Android. Things more stubborn: music is to be switched on page per page again, text fond works in circles, when re editing I could not find the layout options. Watching stories within collections there are these grey bars up and down... next update will be even more stretched portrait mode? Automatic skipping to next page is easy but unh

  • havwoods4

    ...unhandy when you want to show a group. As long as you leave your finger on the screen no flip happens. The smoothend link to Instagram appears the main update of it all. I tried a few in stories but they worked half half. Difficult to move an old tree. Still no short cut for sending collections in 1 link?

  • havwoods4

    Life goes on

  • jordanfoy

    @havwoods4 Hey! Would love to speak via email and follow up on some of this feedback. Please email me at :)

  • SearchOfIslands

    @havwoods4 I’m also struggling a bit with the update. I can no longer upload photos graphs in batches, and every time I try to add a new slide, the app forgets where I am in my photo library.

  • SearchOfIslands

    @havwoods4 . I have to go back in my photo roll to find the images, often searching through thousands of photos. This is especially frustrating when I am trying to create a Steller this is a collection of the best images from a trip that was several months ago. I used to be able to gather these images in a minute or less, now it takes much longer. Hopefully these issues can be resolved soon in future updates

  • Steller

    @SearchOfIslands Hey! Thanks for your feedback! We are looking into ways we can access the camera roll so you can easily go back to your images.

  • SearchOfIslands

    That’s great @steller! That will be a big improvement!

  • daysofcamille

    I love the idea πŸ’›

  • danielle_v_b

    Hi there! I think I am a slow adapter 😝😝 Cause I do not like rhe update (yet ;-)) I don’t fancy the rounded corners (but that’s personal taste) and it takes me three times as long to create an album now. With being able to just upload one photo a time. Hope that I can get used to it soon, cause steller was my favorite appπŸ™πŸΌπŸ€πŸ˜˜

  • garethmate

    @steller looks good!

  • rahmaty


  • ibenanggara

    Incredible. Hi world

  • kingamnich

    This is so exciting. I am so in love with this app and community. Absolutely exciting to share. And so glad that there are so many wonderful storytellers here and amazing artist. All these photographers have finally again a place to truly showcase their work!!!!

  • kingamnich

    Would it be possible for us to be able to access other folder on the phone not just the photos in the photo folder? Would love to be able to connect Steller to my @bublup or @dropbox folder

  • eli_ana05


  • PhotoshopPro

    So excited.

  • dhiphe

    Like it

  • pal1


  • allbycharles

    Hi! Your app looks cool. Just a little bug report-I logged in from facebook and my offered new username was my password....? Not good.

  • RKusuma

    So excited

  • AllissonNadler

    Great History!


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