Romantische StraBe

Once upon a time

When you believe in Ferytails you must follow the Romantic Road (Romantische StraBe )in Germany. Its a 350 kilometer road along picturesque towns and Castles. The Romantic Road is marked along the way with brown Signs. We visit the famous castle Neuschwanstein. And the Villages füssen and Rothenburg Ob der Tauber.

Neuschwanstein Castle ,this fairytale dream castle build by Lodewijk II in the 19te Century on a rugged Hill above the village of Hohenschwangau. And a inspiration for Walt Disney’s Cinderella Castle in Magic Kingdom in Orando Florida .

When you are on the balcony, you have a breathtaking view over the Swanlake and the Alpine Mountains

Füssen is a town in Bavaria and the end from the Romantic Road. There are many pastel colored houses .

Rothenburg Ob der Tauber , a medieval village , with half-timbered houses in sweet pastels. unfortunately we only had a few hours for visit this fairytale place.

Once upon a time

I go back and explore more ! #stellerstories #germany #romanticroad #fairytale #explore #roadtrip #europe #village #castle #neuschwanstein #füssen #rothenburgobdertauber

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