The end of February, making the most of the weekends and the available light, driving down the coast for walks at Ravensheugh Sands and John Muir Country Park. And there was that one amazing sunset walking along the sea front at Musselburgh, and that afternoon when Harris and I walked at Arthur’s Seat and there was the most beautiful light. Light that surprises you in February.

this light.

On this walk at Ravensheugh Sands, I couldn’t resist taking photos of the waves. There was just something about the colour of the sea that day.

then this brooding sky.

then this sky!

I have a story about this walk at Arthur’s Seat on #TheNewSteller so I’m sharing just a few photos here. I used to walk here regularly, years ago, whenever I wanted to escape from the city without having to actually leave the city.

After Arthur’s Seat, Harris and I walked to the Scottish Parliament building. We caught the last of the light on this beautiful blue-skied February day.

these contrasts.

17 -27 February

shot on iPhone

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