An hilltop gem in the heart of Umbria


Orvieto has a unique history that dates back to over several million years ago. The origin of the Orvieto rock is most likely due to an ancient volcanic eruption. It is believed that today’s rock on which today stands the city of Orvieto is one of these great masses of tufa rock thrown from the large crater that is now Bolsena lake.

The Duomo is an amazing masterpiece of Gothic and Romanesque architecture and a symbol of the city itself. The Duomo was commissioned by Pope Urban IV. Construction began in 1290.

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Today, Orvieto is divided into 4 districts (quarters as known by locals): Corsica, Serancia, Olmo and Santa Maria della Stella.

Pope Urban IV lived in Orvieto  because of the civil war in Rome. As well as the Dome he commissioned the construction of the fountain in Piazza della Repubblica, Palazzo del Popolo and Palazzo dei Sette.

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