Thanda Island Tanzania

One of the few truly private tropical islands in the world

The private island villa is located in southern Tanzania’s Shungi Mbili Island Marine Reserve. Twenty acres in size, nearly three-quarters of a mile circumference and almost 400 yards wide, it is surrounded by its own coral reef. Thanda Island is offered on an exclusive sole-use basis.

The Island is accessible by boat from Mafia Island and via helicopter from Dar es Salaam.

The ambiance encourages guests to slow down and soak up the relaxed tempo of island life, enjoy long lunches under the veranda, have fun making pizza in the outdoor oven, and laugh late into the starry night around the outdoor cocktail bar.

Laze on the expansive deck that frames the house and pool or stroll the beach with white sand squeaking between your toes.

Thanda Island is off-grid and solar-powered with one five-bedroom villa and...

...a traditional Tanzanian banda to accommodate additional guests.

There are plenty of wonders to discover in the waters around Thanda Island and nearby Mafia Island. The Mafia Island Marine Park is the largest marine protected area in the Indian Ocean: diversity of coral reefs, five species of turtles and 400 species of reef fish.

Amongst the wonders waiting beneath the waves: whale sharks.

Guests may even watch the endangered Green and Hawksbill turtles nesting and their eggs hatching right on the island.

The endangered Dugong

Whale sharks congregate just south of the island from October to March.

Thanda Island offers all things aquatic for families and groups of friends.

Discover the local Swahili sea-fearing culture on Mafia Island.

And receive a very warm welcome.

Enjoy a picnic on a neighboring atoll.

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