Mont Blanc

Chestnut Cream, Meringue, Chantilly Cream & Almond Tart

Although well known as a French recipe, Mont Blanc is well loved in Italy. Some pastry chefs might even claim it is Italian, as often happens with recipes that are said to have been invented close to the French Italian border. Although Mont Blanc translates to Monte Bianco (white mountain) in Italian, the dessert is known throughout Italy by the French name and so Mont Blanc it is!

If you have ever seen this dessert in Italian pastry shops, it looks like a pile of spaghetti dotted with whipped cream. It features a sweet chestnut puree that is piped onto the top of meringues. Chantilly cream is usually in between the chestnut puree and the meringue and then also piped decoratively on the top of the dessert. It is then dusted with icing sugar to replicate the snow on a mountain. Many are often topped with a candied chestnut known as Marron Glacè. You may also be lucky to fine marron glacé hidden inside the dessert too.

This recipe looks so long and complicated and at first glance can seem completely overwhelming. I promise you though that each component is actually an easy recipe. I made these over two days, and doing that certainly takes the ‘overwhelming’ part out of the recipe. I suggest you do the same. You have to make custard and this is actually an ingredient for the almond tart, of which you only need 100g. (You will have leftover custard, but I assume someone in the house will be extremely happy with this – I know I was). The custard must be cold, so this is another good reason to make it the day before. I made the custard, pastry and meringues on the first day, completing the other components and assembling the tarts the following day.

Mont Blanc

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