It’s definitely time to smile more ! And to make the best out of my smile DDr. Baerbel Reistenhofer is my dentist of choice for an Invisalign treatment. Read all about why and how I decided to get my “lion teeth” fixed! More here!

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Jacket: Soulland Pullover: Balenciaga Trousers: Acne Studios Sneakers: MSGM Socks: Falke Photography: @kadyinvienna Location: DDr. Baerbel Reistenhofer, Rooseveltplatz 12/3 • 1090 Wien #places #style #menswear #fashion #goexplore #lookbook #stellerstyle #fashionblogger #lnhdd #thelionheaded #stellerfashion #vividvisualvisions #streetstyle #mensfashion #blogger #worldoflionheaded #luxurytravel #stayonline #stellervivid #streetstyle #editorial #storyoftheday

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  • coppernotes

    Good luck with this Raffael! I had my lower teeth straightened when I was about 33/34ish - not nearly as advanced as your set up! I had a brace, but not metal? It was in a kinda clear finish - which eventually discoloured because of food. 🤦🏻‍♀️But at the time I was like, I have to go and interview people every week wearing braces! I felt too old to be doing this! But it was the best thing. It made such a difference to how I felt and I’ve never regretted it. So yes! 🙌🏻☺️

  • thelionheaded

    @copperline 🙏thank you so much for sharing your story-and for the heads up! I will get my first aligners in a few weeks - let’s see if I have to do some interviews than 😅

  • coppernotes

    One of my friends described mine as “mouth jewellery”, which I quite liked! 😄 The worst thing was eating - which you won’t have to do. And it was REALLY sore for the first 5 days and whenever it was tightened it was sore, but again you’re having a different process. I think yours will be much kinder! But I got used to it so quickly. It’s alien at first, so amazing how quickly you get used to it. ☺️

  • thelionheaded

    @copperline haha cool I will keep the #mouth jewellery saying in my mind now 😄👍 and yes eating is easy because it‘s removable. Thank you for the support! 🙏😘

  • coppernotes


  • kerrieturcic

    How do you make dental visits so freaking cool?!

  • thelionheaded

    @kerrieturcic haha Thank you so much 🙏😘


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