My week in Ireland


The week began at The Guinness Storehouse with Tourism Ireland & Steller #Ireland

Eimear Winters from Castle Leslie, Tom Skerritt from ‘Top Gun’ aka Viper and myself enjoying the view from the Gravity Bar #rachelsrealireland

Hopped on the train to Cork

And so begins my project in Cork. Filming today at Longueville House. #Ireland #cork #rachelsrealireland #stellerstories

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  • scottg

    Rachel it was great to meet you in Dublin!

  • Rachelgaffney

    Hi there Scott. Great to meet you too. Trying to get the hang of this app!

  • mcgaula

    Mr. Skerritt is the nicest man I’ve ever met. Glad you were able to see him. Great actor too; LOVED him in Picket Fences!!


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