Vitozza, the forgotten town

The unique charm of an abandoned village, its houses – entirely carved out of the rock – now hidden in a lush vegetation. Vitozza, set on the top of a tufaceous cliff, hangs over the valley of the river Lente, which here has its springs.

The caves, maybe some ancient Etruscan tombs, where turned into poor houses in the Middle Ages, the settlement was left only a couple of centuries ago: it is still possible to see the rooms, the small recesses for various purposes… And at the top of the plateau, “la chiesaccia”, the ugly church, a roof-less relic of a church, whose floor is made of grass and flower, perfect for a picnic. This walk will show us how easily nature repossesses its belongings… From here is it possible to reach to Sorano, on a 8 km long walk into the woods.

Vitozza is part of the "Città del Tufo" Archaeological Park, in the heart of Maremma, in Tuscany region.

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