This week, our Featured Authors show us you can reflect both in and out of doors. Swipe on to say 👋🏼 to this week's Featured Authors.

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Take a time out with a @garry_norris and a friend in Western Australia.

Spend three days admiring masterpieces in Paris’s museums with @mdiepraam.

Head to Bradford, England, sand take time to reflect with @Pukkap.

Check out perfect place to unwind–in Portugal–with @dearth.

Canoe imagine a more peaceful place to relax? Head to British Columbia with @PowderMatt.

Thank you to everyone for sharing your stories!

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  • mdiepraam

    Thanks for including me in this great line-up, along with those other terrific stories! 🙏🏽😎

  • mdiepraam

    Oh, I think you switched around dearth and Pukkap... 🤔😉

  • Steller

    😮 Thanks for the heads up @mdiepraam. All fixed!

  • mdiepraam

    Happy to help. 👍🏽 You’re welcome to delete my comment now if you want.


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