The Northwestern Wolf

Known as Timber Wolf, Alaskan Timber Wolf, Canadian Timber Wolf, Mackenzie Valley Wolf

The Northwestern Wolf (Canis lupus Occidentals), also known as the Mackenzie Valley Wolf, Alaskan Timber Wolf, Canadian Timber Wolf, or Northern Timber Wolf is a subspecies Of Gray Wolf in Western North America. It’s ranges from Alaska, the upper Mackenzie Valley, southward into the Canadian provinces of British Colombia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan as well as the Northwestern United States. (Not to be confused with Interior Alaskan wolf). This wolf is recognized as a subspecies

Of Canis lupus in the taxonomic authority “ Mammal Species Of The World “ (2005). By Sir John Richardson 1829

He chose to give it the name Occidentals in reference to its geographic location rather than label it by its color, as it was too variable to warrant such. Northwestern wolves are one of the largest subspecies Of wolves. In British Colombia, females average 94 lbs. and males 113 lbs. and some adults reach 135 lbs. In Yellowstone adult wolves ranges 90 to 110 lbs. Northwestern wolves are known for having a more robust build than European Wolf with a larger, round

Rounder head and a thicker, more obtuse muzzle, it’s ears are also shorter and it’s fur bushier. They feed on sick or weaken elk or bison, attacks usually involve sick animals or calves. Videos

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