Exploring the AMGEN Tour of California

Hello fellow explorers, I’m Kerri Jackson and I am the Jasper Ambassador for Women Who Explore. Recently, #womenwhoexplore partnered with @visitcalifornia to help showcase part of the AMGEN Tour of California Cycling Race route along the California coast and were looking for a Canadian ambassador to go on this journey. All things aligned and I was able to set out on my first visit to California. #visitcalifornia

My first stop was Morro Bay, a small seaside fishing village with Morro Rock in the backdrop.

Put life on coast

While visiting Morro Bay, I stayed in the cozy, family owned 456 Embarcadero Inn & Suites. Restaurants and shops are all within walking distance and is pet friendly. A continental breakfast was provided making it easy to get a good start to the day.

Cycling Mecca

The highlight of the entire trip was meeting up with local Schnur Racing Team for a ride along part of the scenic cycling race route. I’m thankful they rode at my pace!

Post ride beers and oysters were enjoyed at Tognazzini’s Dockside Too, where live music played and a curious sea lion would frequently swim by.

My second stop was Pismo Beach. A classic beach town with an unforgettable coastline that includes the Pismo pier.

Classic California

After picking up my rental bike, I headed out to explore the trails. I was pleasantly surprised how courteous drivers are to cyclists.

Cycling Capital

My day in Pismo was warm and sunny which is exactly what this Canadian girl needed, and the views of the cliffs along the coastline weren’t bad either.

my life in a picture


This vibrant beach town has endless activity options including kiteboarding, surfing and hummer dune tours.

My day in Pismo Beach came to an end and I began the beautiful 100 mile drive to my next destination. I had no idea how mountainous California was!

My third and final stop was in Ventura, a city of contrasts. Mountains on one side and the ocean on the other.

Quaint Originality

While in Ventura, I met up with Matt Segal, a professional rock climber from Boulder, Colorado. Our chill outing turned into a 30mile ride up to Carpinteria .

Our lunch was provided by Channel Islands Provisioners who locally source and use all fresh ingredients.

Waypoint Ventura ~ a vintage trailer park experience within city limits

Camping is my favourite

As an avid camper, this will be an experience that I will never forget! I spent 2 nights in The Navigator, a 1956 Spartan Royal Mansion, luxurious bathroom included.

My last night in California and I was treated to the most spectacular sunset, proving that endings can be beautiful.

Thank you!

@visitcalifornia @womenwhoexplore Morro Bay, Pismo Beach & Ventura California, you are beautiful!

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