Conscious Creativity

Week 2: Texture

I adore texture. In fact a long time ago I used to go texture hunting. I have literally thousands of photos of textures. Found and ones I made...

I made these by bleaching old photographs and adding paint over the top using objects such as old toothbrushes and combs!

Graffiti textures were and still are some of my favourite textures.

After the smoothness of the digital world I find myself in, I’d forgotten how much I adore texture until taking part in this @5ftinf #5ftinfconsciouscreativitycourse

Latterly, having rediscovered my love of texture, I find myself ‘hearing’ it everywhere. Let’s play a game...guess that sound...

Beach pebbles


Dead leaves

The bay tree in my garden

Other textures I discovered...

natural textures



Textures made by artist Jo Sweeting

Tools to make textures with

Walking with texture

Beautiful painted textures by @5ftinf

My drawing of texture... I plan to use the textures I’ve found in these. Watch this space...

Thank you @5ftinf for making my world a little less smooth and perfect, and a lot more rough and interesting! #5ftinfconsciouscreativity #5ftinfconsciouscreativitycourse

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  • coppernotes

    I didn’t guess any of those sounds other than the bay tree where I thought leaves of some kind! I should have guessed the pebbles as an obsessed with beach pebbles! 😅

  • 5ftinf

    This is brilliant!!!!

  • janettwood099

    It’s Beautifull😍😍


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