HCR3010 Diamond shaped 3D Oak tiles for wall decoration, prime grade, oiled __________________________________________________________________________________________ 1904€ 629.524.437 1904£ 535.445.371

Zetes boards come in a curvilinear, deep form. The plate is half concave and half strongly convex. Zetes generates a surface with an extraordinary depth. The plate is symmetrical and can be placed vertical, horizontal or mixed. A wall covered with Zetes does not just generates an impression of being pleasant to the touch but it’s surface is actually soft and teasing.

Prime quartered cut grade solid European Oak strips of 40mm wide are bonded into slabs, CNC machined to shape and oiled Easy installation MXA200 MARLDON glue

NYCxDesign 2019 Award Winner

Zetes and Chrome are solid Oak blocks, Calais is not


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