Interior Alaskan Wolf

Also known as Yukon One of the largest wolves

The North American wolf, Canis lupus pambasileus, is a subspecies Of The Gray Wolf that is referred to as the Interior Alaskan wolf in the United States and the Yukon wolf in Canada. It is native to the Alaska. Interior and Yukon are from the tundra region of the Arctic Coast. This wolf is recognized as a subspecies Of Canis Lupus it was first described in 1905 by American zoologists Daniel Elliot as Canis pambasileus and with the name “autocrat timber wolf”

Based on a specimen from the Susitna River, Mount McKinley region, Elliot distinguishes this wolf by the teeth in both jaws being large and heavy and along with the skull exceed those of the Northwestern wolves of a comparable body size. It’s coat ranges from black to white or a mix of both. 1944 this wolf was recognized as Canis lupus pambasileus, 1905 and with the name Interior Alaskan wolf The wolf has a height of 33.5 in with a average male weight 95 lbs, females 82lbs. Individuals can vary in weight from 46 lbs. to 121 lbs. Yukon- Chartey Rivers National Preserves makes average 105 to 175 lbs. and females 111 lbs. The diet is moose, Caribou, sheep. Videos

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