ELY cathedral

in and around a masterpiece

Work of centuries

Ely Cathedral is among the most magnificent holy houses of England. Your first visit will be completed open-mouthed almost the entire time. It combines romanesque and gothic styles and needed three centuries to complete - work started in 1083 and lasted until 1375. Several modifications and additions followed after.

Approaching the cathedral as it towers above the small town of Ely.

You enter through the Galilee porch.

Moody and solemn aisles...

But look up in both the nave and the transept and you will be showered by light and stupendous detail.

In the centre is the Octagon. It’s the cathedral’s undoubted show-stopper.

The choir and the presbytery are nothing but stunning.

Making your way to the Lady Chapel.

Light pours in from all sides. But the violence of history is visible in the sculptures with their removed heads.

A movable mirror invites you to reflect on life down here and the heavens above.

Waving goodbye with the dove from above... Peace on earth and all that!


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  • karen_claudia_

    Very inspirational! Wat een sfeer, het druipt er vanaf.

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    Being an anglophile, I have lots more British locations that could star in a new Steller story, so watch this space... 😎✌🏽 @copperline

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    I just realised I’d missed your Oxford one! Will miss no more πŸ™ŒπŸ» Looking forward to seeing your other trips ☺️

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    There is beauty everywhere πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ’

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