Our PA is so far behind with these Stories (she’s blaming a shoulder problem which means she needs to limit the use of her left paw), so I thought we might catch up with a few shorter Stories. As February was a big month for adventures. And it was cold. So cold and slippy underpaw that even familiar logs became a little precarious to balance on. This is when Dad has to step in as a balance assistant.

For all that it was cold, we had the most beautiful light in February. And because it still got dark so early, we were able to go for afternoon walks down the coast as the sun was setting.

Of course, there was snuggling too

And We met this chap, dickie robinson

our favourite walk at john Muir Country Park

So cold, but so very blue

Meditation is everything

At north Berwick

Look out for part two

February 2019

shot on iPhone

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