British Colombia Coastal Wolves

Or also known as Sea Wolves, A special and unique species

British Colombia’s Coastal Wolves, also called “Sea Wolves” or “rain wolves,” are a special - living a unique existence, they hunt and beach - comb on the fringe between rainforest and ocean, with more than 70 percent of their diet comprised of seafood. Wolves are highly intelligent Social animals, and these Coasted wolves are an entirely distinct ecotype, showing many unusual behaviors that have

Fascinated scientists, as they swim between islands, these wolves are excellent swimmers and have been known to swim 7.5 miles to land, the DNA of these wolves shows them to be different from other wolves and there not as large as other wolves but are the size of a German Shepherd Dog. Wolves like this once roamed much of the West Coast. Today they are found only in British Colombia and Southwestern Alaska. Coastal wolves live mostly unmolested in a wild landscape.

However, there are currently no regulations in British Colombia forbidding the hunting of wolves, furthermore, over sixty percent of Great Bear Rainforest is now open

To logging, with energy giants wanting to send huge oil and gas tankers through the coast’s narrow and vulnerable winding channels. The relationship between has always been a tenuous one, with wolves bearing the brunt. Today, the Vargas Island Provincial Pack are in danger of losing their lives because of human-induced conflict as they raise a new litter of pups, adults have been scavenging food from careless campers, who report having been attacked by wolves although there has never been a report of a human losing their life to a wolf.

These remarkable wolves have coexisted with indigenous First Nations people on the remote islands of the British Colombia coastline for centuries. They have evolved over millennia to live in the lust, green rainforests of this coast and to comb the rocky beaches for food to feed their packs. For us, a beautiful island like Vargas is a tourist destination a check on our bucket list. We have a choice, but the wolves of Vargas Island do not. Let us make the choice to keep our wolves wild and give them the space to be themselves After all, this is their home, and we are simply visiting. Genetic study shows Sea Wolves difference from other wolves Full documentary on these wolves on YouTube

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