Art, Bridges and Cobbled Streets

In addition to port wine production, Porto is known for its cobbled streets over narrow alleys, stately bridges, and street art. Here is just a taste of the delights the city has to offer.

Porto has many districts. We started from Vila Nova de Gaia and traveled by gandala to the pedestrian/metro bridge where we walked over to the city centre.

The view from the bridge is gorgeous.

Once we crossed over the river we ascended to city centre to explore Porto’s medieval history and city flavor.

Then we embarked on a very steep descend down the narrow cobbled cover alleys where many homes doubled as stores.

Not quite at ground level but we are close.

The boardwalk is full of riverside dining options

Don’t ask... Art is in the eye of the beholder. 😀

We took a water taxi back to the Gaia side. Porto offers convent transportation options including Uber.

In Gaia this rabbit greets passerby’s. It is made of rubber and discarded materials.

Back in Gaia we enjoyed an evening cocktail at the Sandeman pop-up bar before we said hello to the sunset and evening lights.

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