Toyota, Japan

Firstly who knew that Toyota is an actual region in Japan? 😱 That’s right! It’s not only the home of Toyota vehicles that we know worldwide but it is also one of the only places in Japan that you can experience cherry blossom and fall leaves at the same time 🍁🌸

Toyota is a city in the Aichi prefecture, approx 2hrs drive from Nagoya

I love visiting areas of a country that are outside the normal tourist areas, you never know what you might find. Some of the things I done: * washi(paper) making * ate all the food * visit a traditional sake factory * learnt the art of traditional miso making * visited the Toyota car museum *experienced my first traditional Japanese Onsen * visited samurai castles * and made so many photos of the fall leaves and cherry blossom All that in 3 days 😱

Traditional paper fan workshop

My trip began with a lesson in making traditional paper fans out of a special type of paper called ‘washi’. The paper is made from fibres of the paper mulberry (kōzo) bush. Check our my fan on the next page.

I done so well right? Except for the crease in the middle 🤭

Next it was time to head to a traditional sake factory for a little tour and tasting 🤭

My first try of sake and I loooooooved it

Next stop.... Miso factory.

These 100+ year old barrels are filled with soy beans fermenting away to make the most delicious miso paste ever.


Seriously..... all of the food I ate was AMAAAAAZING, I would go back just to eat 😂😂

I’m in love with these ancient local villages

No I’m just going to spam you with images that will hopefully inspire you to visit this amazing region on your next trip to japan.

This was seriously one of the best places I’ve ever visited. The locals of so kind and friendly, the region is naturally beautiful and the food is absolutely delicious. 😁😁😁

  • aconica

    OK IM READY !!!! And I can’t believe the blossoms and the fall. WTF !!!! What time of year did you go ? Exactly! I’m going. 💖😇☑️

  • garry_norris

    @aconica right? I couldn’t believe it. I was there at the end of November. Seriously amazing

  • aconica

    @garry_norris ohh I love that report. I am wanting to take my Mom & that’s exact when I want to go ❣️❣️❣️

  • judithgee

    Thank you beautiful