Sometimes it’s those walks where you aren’t expecting anything ‘special’ that offer the amazing moments. For me, that’s often about light. It’s about driving down the east coast when it’s a bit grey only to find clear skies right on the coast, with beautiful light over the sea.

We had one of those walks on Saturday. We left late in the afternoon, and it was the evening before the clocks changed for British summer time, so we were still chasing the light. But when we reached Yellowcraig the sea was calm, glassy on the shoreline, and the sky was scattered with delicate, wispy clouds tinged orange and the softest pink in the changing light.

This photographer passed us on the path leading to the beach. At this point, I hadn’t realised quite how beautiful the light was going to be, but when we reached the beach, I understood. He was shooting towards the sunset, misty over the Forth, and he stayed here during our walk. He must have captured some incredible shots!

Imagine being in this little plane, flying through this sky, with this light…

“c’mon wee man!”

Looking east towards the Bass Rock, with these candy-pink clouds…

We turned back just as the sun was setting, catching this orange glow.

Saturday 30 March

shot on iPhone

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