Salado TX

Small Towns Of Texas

The first settlers appeared in 1834, however, most had left by 1836, because of General Santa Anna with his Army, and frequent Indian attacks. The first permanent settlers came back in 1850’s. 1866-1885 the Chisholm Trail passed by Salado, with Stagecoach Inn being one of the stops. The Stagecoach Inn is THE oldest still running Hotels in Texas.

The Railroad finally came, totally by passing Salado, which slumped again in the early 1900’s. Nineteen location in Salado are listed on the National Registry of Historic Places. Salado is now thriving, with local Artist, Entrepreneurs, restaurant and Antique Store. It is fast becoming a great place to retreat and relax.

Always driving through Salado, I never knew of all it’s hidden jewels. For a photographer, there seems to be no end. As you can see, this is just the tip of their particular Ice Berg!

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