of Havana, Cuba

You can’t walk anywhere in Havana without stumbling across the dogs of Havana!

Unfortunately, there are plenty of stray dogs in the streets.

More than a dozen state institutions have 'adopted' a stray dog, which is then issued with an official state identity card bearing their photograph name and where they live.

Vladimir, Canelita and Aparicio, spend the days avoiding the hot Caribbean sun. They live at Old Havana's Museum of Metalwork.

Some are not so lucky and wander matted and skinny on the streets of Old Havana.

Dogs of Havana, Cuba March, 2019 #stellerverse #animalkingdom

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  • coppernotes

    Oh my goodness... page 8 and that proud stance. Page 10 and that gentle expression. Page 13 and a look that reminds me of Harris. Those two on page 14... Page 18 and that wise expression, with eyes that have seen so much of life. It’s impossible for me to flip through this story and not feel touched by it. When I think of the security and love my guys get, and these dogs on the streets, fending for themselves... it must be hard to wander round these streets and see this.

  • GaGePetSitting

    @copperline thank you! It’s so different to the way your doggies live, or even the ones we look after in Australia. It’s heartbreaking but when you see how people live, well... you understand. In their own way they all try to help those poor doggies and kitties but it’s hard!

  • coppernotes

    Exactly - there’s a wider context to this. You photographed these dogs beautifully - capturing their characters, even if you probably only had a few moments to get these shots.

  • JMVHolland

    Beautiful! Moved by it!

  • GaGePetSitting

    @JMVHolland thank you, very nice of you!

  • GaGePetSitting

    @copperline thank you!! I wasn’t planning on doing a story on dogs and cats, I was just photographing the buildings and people, but then I saw all these doggies and kitties and I just couldn’t walk past them without capturing those moments! Thank you for your lovely comments!!

  • coppernotes

    I’m so glad you did! 🙏🏻


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