Austin, Texas

Hope Gallery

Long, long ago, there was a Condo Project that stopped. Leaving bare concrete walls. Graffiti Artist and those pesky taggers, marked up the walls. Much to the Owner’s dismay. Along came some Artists who approached the Owner with the concept of allowing Graffiti Artist to continue to paint, and they would ‘police’ their own.

Hope Gallery Began.... As the years progressed, it did very well. You still had to A#&holes that showed up and tagged, but for the true Artist it provided an outlet. The Owner has decided to sell/develop the property into something else. Giving Hope Gallery a year to find new digs.

They have...this is a compilation of over those years of beautiful work never seen again, except by photographs. Some of the Artist (to remain unnamed). And captures from the last days of Hope Gallery’s beginnings. I have probably 500+ pictures. I won’t be showing all of them.

You may or may not agree with Muralist, Graffiti Artist...but they come in all genders and ages. Some with cans, some with brushes, all with that innate quality of creativity. Enjoy.

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