Jack Spencer’s most surprising images are of a country that I suspect many of us believed had disappeared. The fading churches, the roaming bison, the running horses: Spencer has found a mythical world, except it is real, and it is now, and it is ours. —Jon Meacham

“Short Stories” presents work not found in “This Land,” but portraits found in this land of ours. As much as he shares a mythical, yet very real, world with us, Spencer reminds us of the peril that apathy or ignorance ensures. “To save the Earth cannot be left to the worst of us,” says the artist. “It should go without saying that our own backyards are certainly worthy of protection.”

Jack Spencer was born in Mississippi and resides in Nashville. He has participated in solo and group exhibitions in United States, Germany, and Mexico. Monographs of his work have been published by the University of Texas Press, LSU Press, Vanderbilt Press and 21st Editions. His work is featured in public and private collections around the globe.

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