Study abroad at Alnwick

Home base: The “Harry Potter” castle

Mass Media, Film and Media Studies, and English students at Minnesota State University, Mankato, studied in Alnwick, England, for 10 days in May 2018.

One town the group visited was Berwick-upon-Tweed on the North Sea. The town was the site of many battles between the English and Scottish.

The bridge to Scotland.

The group does their best rendition of William Wallace’s “freedom” cry while in Scotland.

Holy Island is a tourist and pilgrimage site. St. Aidan came to the island in 635 AD and established a monastery.

The intrepid reporters hard at work.

Night life

Customers at the Blue Bell Inn in Alnwick dance to a cover band’s rendition of “Bad Moon Rising.”

Alnwick Castle was the site of a jousting re-enactment.

Past meets present

The jousting event also featured authentic 16th-century instruments.

Foot traffic bustles at the indoor market in Newcastle-on-Tyne.

The photos on the preceding page were taken on the Farne Islands, just off the coast of England in the North Sea. Visitors hopped on a small boat for the choppy ride to the island. The bird pictured is a puffin. Puffins are found across the North Atlantic.

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