New Orleans, LA

Metairie Cemetery

Just an FYI, it is a longer than usual, Story.... Built in 1872, it has amazing architecture of Plots, than anywhere in the U.S. The heavy French influence has more to do with the types of Crypts, than New Orleans being so close to Sea level. Metairie Cemetery isn’t actually in Metairie, but within New Orleans City limits on Metairie Road.

Previously the site of Metairie Race Track, founded in 1838. Charles T Howard, was denied admission into the Jockey Club (He was a local resident who started the Louisiana Lottery). He vowed at that time, that the Race Course would become a Cemetery. Low and behold, it went bankrupt after the Civil War. The Cemetery was built on those grounds following the Reconstruction. Mr. Howard is interred on Central Avenue, which was built on part of the oval layout of the Track.

Tree lined avenues

As you might have noticed, Metairie has THE most largest collection of marble tombs and statuary. From an Egyptian pyramid, to Moorish details, the Cemetery ‘houses’ a variety for every taste.

The interiors boast some of the most beautiful and intricate Stained Glass.

Full Landscaping on some larger plots

‘We may be annihilated, but we cannot be conquered’.

General Albert Sydney Johnson

One of the most photographed Statuary... The Weeping Angel. Monument to the Chapman Hyams’ Sisters. It is a copy of Story’s Angel of Grief.

Unless you see this in person, the size and magnitude, is indescribable.

Then there is the details ...

And finally the doors. Which by the way, during the down pouring of rain, gave us refuge. As many were slightly open

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