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Bignè! You may know them as profiteroles, or cream puffs, but basically they are Choux Pastry puffs filled with different flavoured custard or chantilly cream. In Italy these ‘puffs’ are known as Bignè and they can be found with different flavoured fillings such as chocolate, hazelnut, zabaione, coffee or pistachio. For this recipe, I will celebrate a pistachio flavoured custard filling.

Choux pastry is a light, airy and crisp pastry, often used as a shell to house lovely cream fillings. It is also the pastry used to make churros. It is cooked twice, once on the stovetop and once in the oven. (or sometimes fried.. again, churros). Choux pastry relies on rising steam to create a hollow centre and the airiness is caused because the high water content in choux turns into steam during baking and this forces the pastry shell to ‘puff’.

Making choux pastry isn’t at all difficult, just make sure you have all your ingredients prepared and ready before you start. I also suggest you read through the recipe a couple of times to understand the order of the steps before you begin. Once you have mastered making choux pastry puffs, you could then create a tall croquembouche for the next family celebration!

Pistachio Custard Filling 4 egg yolks 40g flour ’00’ 100g sugar 500ml of milk 2 tablespoons (30ml) of pistachio paste

Choux Pastry 120ml water 60g butter, room temperature 75g ‘0’ sifted flour 1 pinch of salt 2 large eggs

Pistachio Icing 250g icing sugar 2 teaspoons of pistachio paste Hot water


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