| Best of 2018 |

Every year I do a round up of my favourite photography from the year before. Usually I do this in January but hey, better late than never hey? As always I’m eternally grateful to my amazing client @Olympus_AU for providing me with the gear to do my work! I’m proud to say that I’m a 100% full time Olympus shooter now. ❤️

Gear and Settings: 🔹 @Olympus_AU E-M1 Mark II 🔹 M. Zuiko 40-150 mm lens 🔹 Hand held 🔹 ISO 200 🔹 F 2.8 🔹 1/1250th second

I was in Tasmania shooting the tulip fields but I was getting increasingly frustrated with the way my wide angle shots were turning out. We were close to the road so there were lots of distractions from power lines, nearby houses and the road. I made the decision to switch to a telephoto lens to attempt to compress what I was seeing and isolate the rows of flowers, and I loved the effect! Even if you are happy with how your shots are turning out, you should always experiment with different focal lengths and settings.

Gear and Settings: 🔹 @Olympus_AU E-M1 Mark II 🔹 M. Zuiko 40-150 mm lens 🔹 Hand held 🔹 ISO 200 🔹 F 4 🔹 1/500th second

It was hot AF (excuse my language) in the middle of summer in the Namib Desert and I was cruising around in a safari vehicle listlessly hanging out the window. My amazing guide Castro finally pointed out the famous Dune 45 and it was so impressive that I snapped this image from the car before getting out to explore alternate compositions. As is often the case, at least with me, I went to enormous amounts of effort to improve on the shot only to end up liking the first one I took. This was Literally. Taken. While. Leaning. Out. The. Car. Window

Gear and Settings: 🔹 @Olympus_AU E-M1 Mark II 🔹 M. Zuiko 40-150 mm lens 🔹 Hand held 🔹 ISO 800 🔹 F 2.8 🔹 1/30th second

This was the first day I had a chance to see orangutans in long term cages and I was feeling very emotional, and very aware of my opportunity to take a powerful image. The orangutans were volatile, some spitting and others rattling bars. Who wouldn’t be angry to spend a whole life behind bars thanks to habitat loss and inability for release? I opted for a long lens and had to watch my exposure as the scene was very dark and there wasn’t a lot of light in my environment either. As soon as I clicked the shutter I knew I had her. Her name is Roslyn. This is her life. Forever.

Gear and Settings: 🔹 @Olympus_AU E-M1 Mark II 🔹 M. Zuiko 7-14 mm PRO lens 🔹 Gitzo Tripod 🔹 Lee Filters 🔹 ISO 200 🔹 F 16 🔹 3.2 seconds

This was one of the rare instances where I really needed a wide angle lens to fit everything into the shot, and I opted for my little utilized Olympus 7-14mm PRO lens. Although the water was super calm I wanted to smooth it right out so I used both a graduated neutral density filter and a neutral density filter to darken down the scene. Apart from that, not much was required. It was a pretty stunning location!

Gear and Settings: 🔹 @Olympus_AU E-M1 Mark II 🔹 M. Zuiko 12-40 mm PRO lens 🔹 Gitzo Tripod 🔹 Live Composite Mode 🔹 ISO 400 🔹 F 4 🔹 20 seconds (multiple times)

I took this image in Victoria Falls on the deck of my lodge. We had come back from a day of sightseeing and I was personally very happy to be packing my camera away for the day, when this started! I reluctantly set up my camera on the tripod and activated Live Composite mode, AKA miracle mode, and let the Olympus do its work. When I checked it after about 10/15 minutes this was what I saw! Meanwhile, I was sitting down enjoying a glass of wine and dinner while my camera did all the work.

Gear and Settings: 🔹 @Olympus_AU E-M1 Mark II 🔹 M. Zuiko 40-150 mm lens 🔹 Hand held 🔹 ISO LOW (64) 🔹 F 2.8 🔹 1/320

Since I wasn’t on an official job I had my camera, but wasn’t that serious about using it. The light was pretty low so my aperture was wide open, not ideal for landscapes. But ... the sky opened and the light was shining and it all happened in the blink of an eye so it was a quick snap and then it was gone again. Even though my settings were technically wrong, it’s the shot that matters. And I love this shot. ❤️ This is proof that sometimes being in the right place at the right time is more important than nailing all the technical stuff.

Gear and Settings: 🔹 @Olympus_AU E-M1 Mark II 🔹 M. Zuiko 40-150 mm lens 🔹 Hand held 🔹 ISO 800 🔹 F 2.8 🔹 1/200

Marimba is a very special girl, a representative of her species and a shining beacon of hope for pangolin’s around the world. She’s a rescue, a lucky girl considering pangolin’s are one of the most heavily trafficked mammals on the planet. I wanted to capture her being cradled by her beloved handler, to showcase her trust and vulnerability. I also didn’t want to scare her by being too close, hence the telephoto lens. I tried different settings, and the light was low, but eventually went for f2.8 and focused on her expressive eyes.

Gear and Settings: 🔹 @Olympus_AU E-M1 Mark II 🔹 M. Zuiko 12-40 mm PRO lens 🔹 Hand held 🔹 ISO 400 🔹 F 5.6 🔹 1/1250

If you’re ever looking for a way to get a new perspective on a well shot location, take to the air! You can drone, but only if you’re in a fly zone (The Victoria Falls is NOT a fly zone) or you can go up in a helicopter! A lot of people think that helicopters are super expensive but I haven’t found that to be true at all and often pay for my own scenic flights to get views like this.

Gear and Settings: 🔹 @Olympus_AU E-M1 Mark II 🔹 M. Zuiko 300 mm f4 lens 🔹 Hand held 🔹 ISO 200 🔹 F 4 🔹 1/800

I literally jumped from the safari vehicle as it was still coming to a stop so that I could get to the tracks quickly enough for the crossing. I was relatively far away to not scare them and I knew I wanted a nice low angle with the leading line of the train track. I snapped on my longest zoom lens, positioned myself in the middle of the track and laid down on my stomach. (Don’t worry, there was no risk of trains) When a situation like this strikes it’s important to be thinking on the fly. Figuring out your game plan as you’re executing it.

Gear and Settings: 🔹 @Olympus_AU E-M1 Mark II 🔹 M. Zuiko 7-14 mm PRO Lens 🔹 Gitzo Tripod and self timer 🔹 ISO 200 🔹 F 11 🔹 1/2 second

So I had hiked a mountain in the dark and I got to the top just as it started to look like sunrise had potential. Imagine how surprised I was to have gone to such effort for sunrise only to see it pay off! That never happens to me. 😳😂 I was so overwhelmed that I didn’t think much, I just wanted to get a great hero shot. I sussed out a few angles that I liked and then focused solely on getting one killer image, rather than heaps of average ones. Definitely a favourite for 2018!

Gear and Settings: 🔹 @Olympus_AU E-M1 Mark II 🔹 M. Zuiko 300 mm f4 🔹 Hand held 🔹 ISO 200 🔹 F 4 🔹 1/1000

So my driver had mentioned that he had taken a cool photo of a giraffe coming up from a drink once and I immediately envisioned this photo. It was pretty tricky to execute though, because giraffes are skittish drinkers and when they rise up it’s usually unpredictable and fast! In order to get the shot I actually set a manual focus right on the giraffes eye, after I watched for a while how he rose up. (Vertically) Every time I sensed him about to move I rapid fired in continuous burst mode and did this a handful of times to get the best shot. Voila!

Gear and Settings: 🔹 @Olympus_AU E-M1 Mark II 🔹 M. Zuiko 12-40 mm PRO Lens 🔹 Gitzo Tripod 🔹 ISO LOW (64) 🔹 F 16 🔹 1/3 second

I don’t know why this shot made it into my top 12, certainly I have photos that got more ‘likes’ or that are more eye-catching. Perhaps it’s because I had to work for this one! The exposure was HARD! Lots and lots of dark foreground, a stream of white water and a glaring sun blowing my highlights out everywhere! In the end I came up with a composition that worked and managed a gorgeous, even exposure despite the challenges. It doesn’t hurt that I was at Mount Buffalo, one of my favorite places in Australia. And yes, I know that I say that about all the places.

I hope you learned something? X