With Aurora Expeditions

Look at me go! Two Steller’s this week, two different themes. I think you’re all going to love this one. It’s about ... ANTARCTICA! I’ve traveled a lot in my time, to some pretty remote places and some wild places too. But nothing compares to Antarctica. This is my story!

So, where do I begin? I set out for my odyssey from the south of Argentina. Getting there from Australia was no easy feat. I flew from Brisbane to Auckland (New Zealand) to Santiago (Chile) to Buenos Aires (Argentina) to Ushuaia. ✈️ From here we met our exhibition ship, the Polar Pioneer.

My client = Aurora Expeditions

Although the ship is big, it’s loaded with Zodiac’s so that you can get out and about to explore for landings and cruises. 😍

Aurora Expeditions are leaders in the field of Antarctic Tourism! And they are literally about to launch a brand new state-of-the-art ship! Although I loved going with the “Polar Pioneer” I am super looking forward to checking out the brand new “Greg Mortimer”. 😱😱

I visited both Antarctica AND South Georgia but I’ll save South Georgia for another Steller! To get to the Antarctic Peninsula from Ushuaia we had to cross the dreaded “Drake Passage”. One of the most notorious sea passages in the whole world, but a rite of passage for all intrepid explorers going to Antarctica.

You can choose to skip the Drake and fly down but where’s the fun in that? 😂

Speaking of fun ...

I survived the POLAR PLUNGE!!!

The Polar Plunge = Jumping into frigid Antarctic waters in your swimmers followed by a shot of alcohol and an immediate sauna! It’s awful! 😂😂

So there you have it, that’s something you don’t see every day! Learn more about Antarctica, and Aurora Expeditions here >