Puppy Adventures

Canadian Rockies & Powder Highway of British Columbia

Puppies are driven by Exploration. Winter magic season for dog play and the Canadian Rockies & Powder Highway of British Columbia offer pup friendly places to stay and enjoy wild time. We venture to Emerald Lake Lodge, Lush Accommodationsโ€™s Kicking Horse Mountain Resort, Snow Creek Cabin, Fernie Alpine Resort and Trickle Creek Lodge ,Kimberley Alpine Resort

Reconnect with Nature Emerald Lake Lodge, Yoho National Park

Experience it with all your senses Fernie, British Columbia @hellobc

Home is where the pup is. Snow Creek Cabin @fernielodgingco

A short walk in nature reduces the risk factors for stress. Kimberley, British Columbia @hellobc

Rest. Trickle Creek Lodge, Kimberley Alpine Resort

Perfect place to catch up. Lush Accommodation, Kicking Horse Mountain Resort

Head out

Old school dog sledding

Exploration burns inside of us. Feed your inner pup, get outside, play and then take a good nap #EmeraldLakeLodge #emeraldlake

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