Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto

This is my first time in Japan. I went there with 4 of my friends and we decided we wouldn’t go on tour. It was terrifying because none of us speaks Japanese but we went anyway. We planned to the detail, where we would go, how much time we will spend there, how we will go, etc. Turns out, the trip was very laid-back, we didn’t rush one place into another just because we want to enjoy Japan and all it could offer. Yes, we did miss some of our initial plan but it was a happy trip!

This is Asakusa Temple in Tokyo, this fountain is meant to be used for puryfing your body and soul before entering the temple.

This is a Manju with Sakura custard filling. I love the sakura taste 😌🌸

My Neighborhood

I stayed at an airbnb at Asakusa, it’s a bit far from MRT station but very close to Asakusa temple.

Found Asakusa Temple prettier at night on our way back from exploring the city.

The infamous Gyukatsu Motomura. Had to queue for an hour but definitely not disappointing. Sooo good the meat was so juicy and tender


Osaka Castle. A must go in Osaka.

Umeda Sky Building

Dotonbori, Osaka. A whole lot shops and streed food. Famous fot the Glico running man.


Delicious mochi sold in Fushimi Inari

Meet this tranquility at Arashiyama

Strolling around Gion and meet some Geisha along the way.

Visiting Japan once is not enough, definitely going to go here more. Thank you for reading! #travel #travelphotography #japan #tokyo #osaka #kyoto #stellerid #stellerindonesia

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  • kerrieturcic

    Wow! How was the language barrier? Did it matter much that you don’t speak the language?

  • cmetadea

    @kerrieturcic well actually it would really helps if you understand japanese since they dont speak much english there. Even maps and directions are mostly japanese. I use google translate (you can take a pic of the sentence and it will translate it for you) and some body languange when talking to them

  • kerrieturcic

    Good tip!


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